Guide ring
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Guide Ring have the task of precisely guiding the piston and rod of a power cylinder and absorbing the lateral forces occurred and keep the cylinder from metal to metal contact between the sliding parts. PTFE Guide-ring has the following advantages comparing to conventional metal guide. 1. Better sliding behavior, 2. prevention of metallic seizure. It is the role to do the minute guide a piston rod and piston at a cylinder operation region. It do the facility to absorb the power to happen afterwards. It prevents Piston and Cylinder & Rod and Cylinder Head interval's contact
  • Good anti-friction behavior
  • Non stick-slip effect
  • Good dry running properties
  • Very resistance to wear, long service life.
  • Damping of mechanical vibration
  • Good wiping effect, embedding foreign particles
  • Free material selection of the sliding parts since guiding properties are not required.
  • Speed : Max.5 m/sec.
  • Temperature :100~ 200°C (dependent of O-Ring's quality.)
  • tf1040 : PTFE + glass
  • fiber tf3881 : PTFE + Bronze + Ceramics